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LIVE opportunities: Euro 2020 semi-finalists ranked – by secondary market value

The semi-finals for the EUFA European Championship 2020 are set. Italy vs. Spain on Tuesday and England vs. Denmark on Wednesday.

If the semi-final were decided based on secondary market trade, how would each country compare?

Italy vs. Spain

In the first match-up, Italy vs. Spain, the amount of wine the countries produce is quite similar (around 45 million hectolitres) but Italy has the edge in the secondary market.

Market share by value, year-to-date, has Italy on 16.6% versus just 1% for Spain.

Nonetheless, Spain had an impressive 2020 on the secondary market and has carried that momentum into 2021.

The Wine Spectator chose its ‘2020 Wine of the Year’ from the country – Marques Murrieta Castillo Ygay Gran Reserva Especial 2010. Spanish trade by value in 2021 is currently tracking +40% above where it was in 2020.

Italian supporters can find offers from the region here and Spanish fans can search through the 193 offers, which includes the WS ‘Wine of the Year’, here.

England vs. Denmark

Next match up, England vs. Denmark. England takes the crown, but not by much.

Year-to-date market share by value has England on 0.1% vs. Denmark’s 0.0%.

Denmark only legalised wine production in 1999 and produces a very small amount of white and sparkling wine. There has been no trade for a Danish wine on the secondary market, yet, but with the continued broadening, it may not be long until the Danes are represented.

England is also a relative newcomer to the world of wine production (in any meaningful way) and is best known for its sparkling wines. The first English wine traded on the secondary market in 2016, and we recently covered that developing trade for ‘English wine week’ which can be read here.

If secondary market trade was the decider for the semi-finals, we’d back Italy and England to go through. The decider of that… well, let’s see after Wednesday.

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