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California collection service – Sell easily on Liv-ex

It’s now easy for Liv-ex members in California to sell wine to 500+ wine businesses internationally.

A weekly stock collection service is now offered to members across the Golden State. For a flat fee of $100 per unit, with no minimum quantity requirements, Liv-ex will collect stock in temperature-controlled vehicles and ship it internationally. Handling of all export paperwork is included in the fee. This applies to wine sold on Liv-ex.

This presents members in California with the opportunity to grow sales efficiently. There are currently $55m+ of live bids on the Liv-ex marketplace. These bids represent firm commitments to buy at a given price – a safe and transparent sales channel.

This comes as demand for US wine has been rising on the international market. Ten years ago, less than 1% of trade on Liv-ex was for US wine. A boost over the past year has driven its trade share above 8% in 2021 – a figure that is likely to rise further. Wine from California makes up the lion’s share of demand.

Retailers in the state therefore have a new opportunity to sell both local and international wines – one could say a golden opportunity.

Want to learn more?

For further information about how to make use if this new service, or about how to sell on Liv-ex, please speak to your Account Manager. If you are not yet a member of Liv-ex, you are welcome to request a demo to learn more.

Please also feel free to watch Liv-ex’s presentation to the National Association of Wine Retailers (USA), given in May.