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LIVE opportunities: Champagne, through rose-tinted glasses

  • Trade in rosé Champagne is outperforming its parent index.
  • Some pink Champagnes have seen triple digit growth so far this year.
  • Trade by value for rosé Champagne is three times higher than the three-year average.

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The Champagne 50 is the best performing Liv-ex 1000 sub-index over the past one year, up 11.43%, yet a certain area of the Champagne market has eclipsed those gains.

Rosé Champagnes.

Triple digit growth

Certain pink bubbles have seen their price performance exceed three digits, year-to-date.

The largest mover so far this year has been Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Rosé 2005, which is up 279% from where it started the year.


Another example is Louis Roederer’s Rosé Cristal 2008 up 72.4% year-to-date, as well as being the 37th most traded Champagne by value over the past one year.


Another nine rosé Champagnes have seen double digit growth in the year with six of those being among the top 100 most-traded Champagnes over the past year.

Trend or anomaly?

With rosé Champagnes hitting all-time highs is it a sign that the broader Champagne market will follow or are these wines one-offs? Perhaps some fleeting exuberance surrounding the lifting of Covid restrictions? But there can be little doubt, we have a strong rosé market at present. Year-to-date trade for rosé Champagne by value is three times higher than the previous three-year average.

You can sort by wine colour and region on your exchange but for ease, we have attached a pre-sorted link below. There are 77 LIVE offers for rosé Champagnes on the exchange, including multiple cases of Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Rosé 2007, which is being offered at a third of a price of the 2005 vintage, even though it has higher critic scores on average.

LIVE offers – Rose Champagne