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LIVE opportunities: the 2019 First Growths appear substantially undervalued

According to the chart above, which First Growth vintage has the second-strongest average scores from Neal Martin, the benchmark critic?

Correct. The 2019s.

All of that vintage’s First Growths currently have a score of 96-98. And Haut-Brion and Lafite Rothschild received his highest scores in six years.

Nonetheless, the average market price of the 2019 First Growths sits just above that of 2017, making them cheaper than the 2015-2018 vintages.

Furthermore, ignoring the lower-scored 2017 vintage, the three lowest-priced First Growths on the market are all from the 2019 vintage:

When the 2019s were released, some media coverage was already suggesting the 2020s were a better vintage. Now that the initial scores of the 2020 are out, however, this may not be the case.

Looking at the chart above and the table of scores below, the 2019 vintage stands out not only due to its high scores, but also because of its low price.

Is it time to revisit the 2019s?

LIVE offers of 2019 Bordeaux are attached below. Where markets don’t exist, bids are always welcomed and merchants with the wines on their lists will be notified.

LIVE Bordeaux 2019