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LIVE opportunities: relevant bids have broken past pre-tariff levels

Relevant LIVE bids, those within 10% of Market Price, have increased and held above pre-tariff levels since the start of the year.

In October 2019, when the United States Trade Representative (USTR) first announced the tariffs on EU products, bid activity was immediately impacted, as seen in the chart below.

While the 25% tariffs seemed bad enough, speculation around the possibility of 100% tariffs or even a broadening of those wines targeted, ensued. (On New Year’s Eve 2020 the tariffs were eventually widened).

With a change of leadership in the US and the new administration’s stated aims to repair ties with foreign partners, there has been recent speculation that the tariffs might soon been dropped – though the USTR said recently that repealing them was not an immediate priority.

The total value of LIVE bids and the ratio of those that are relevant are back above pre-tariff levels. These LIVE bids are placed across the most diverse set of wines we have observed on your Exchange so far – continuing the broadening theme we noted throughout last year.

The best way to take advantage of this rising level of buying interest is to offer stock LIVE. As more buyers connect through automation APIs, more eyes than ever are reviewing LIVE offers.

Here is a snapshot of LIVE and relevant bids for you to ponder. By placing your offers LIVE the buyers will be notified of your stock.

Relevant LIVE bids