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The new entrants in the 2020 Power 100

By January 14, 2021Fine Wine Market, Regions

In 2020 there were 21 brands that made their way into the Power 100 that were not in the 2019 Power 100. Nearly half (10/21) of the new entrants came from Italy, made up of Tuscany (5), Piedmont (4) and Veneto (1). The 2019 Power 100 featured just 8 Italian brands in the top 100 but with the addition of these 10, Italy now sits just six behind that of Burgundy (24).

Italy also accounted for the largest move in the top 100. Biondi-Santi and Liciano Sandrone both benefitted from price performance that ranked in the top 50. While Casanova di Neri, Fontodi, Vietti and Tua Rita ranked highly in the value and volume of wines traded.

According to the Drinks Business Editor, Rupert Miller, “Italy’s rise is one of the most significant shifts in the fine wine secondary market, breaking the iron grip that French labels and regions have had on this sector for decades in measurable terms and, in real terms, since anyone can probably remember.”

Apart from the new rising stars of Italy there were multiple new names from the Rest of the World category. Most notably, California’s Screaming Eagle moved up 64 places, breaking into the top 50 after being ranked 114th in 2019. It was also joined by Napa Valley’s Caymus which squeezed in at 100th place.

Germany’s Keller moved 83 places to 66th. Spain and Australia both doubled their presence in the 100 with the additions of Dominio de Pingus and Henschke at 86th and 99th respectively.

The highest ranked new entrant however was from Bordeaux, L’Evangile, which moved up 90 places to 37th. Evangile was ranked 39th in the Power 100 in 2017 but in 2018 and 2019 its price performance kept it out of the top 100. However, with a return to form in 2020 it once again re-joins the Power ranking.

Burgundy added two Domaines to the top 100, securing the region as the second most represented following that of Bordeaux.

Full coverage of the Power 100 can be found in the December edition of the Drinks Business magazine and on their website here. Additionally, we will continue to post snippets of the report in our News and Insights.