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Maximise weekend online sales – Automation

Weekend transaction

One proven way to make the most of weekend sales is to have an accurate, well-stocked website. Many Liv-ex members are achieving this through trading automation.

Activity on Liv-ex used to be muted at the weekend. As a marketplace that is only available to professional buyers and sellers, the vast majority of trade took place during working hours.

Today, the picture is very different, even though access to Liv-ex remains exclusive to the wine trade.

Merchants around the world are now selecting stock from Liv-ex to list on their website – with their chosen commission added. This allows them to give their clients a vast amount of choice of stock that is confirmed available.

The status of the stock remains up to date 24/7, meaning that they can confidently offer a selection from the £50m of offers on Liv-ex all week long.

The success of this strategy is reflected in the exponential increase in weekend trading on Liv-ex, shown in the chart above. This rise has been driven by collectors buying through their merchants, who use trading automation.

As one merchant told us, trading automation is “like having an extra salesperson”.

Want to learn more?

You’re welcome to download our free guide to automation, which offers an overview of how it can help your business.