Keep systems in sync with the latest critic scores, wine names, sub-regions and more

Wine merchants around the world now have two new ways to do business in a safer, more efficient way.

Keeping critic scores and tasting notes up to date on websites and in backend systems can be a thankless and time-consuming task for a wine merchant. The laborious copy-and-paste process can be error-prone. Now merchants can use a simple API (an Application Programming Interface or technical tool that exchanges information between computer systems) to bring in thousands of scores and notes from leading critics directly into their systems.

Merchants can also use an API to sync their systems with the largest, open-source wine database in the world. LWIN’s data on over 80,000 wines includes wine names, vintage-specific names, region, sub-region, colour, classification and more so that wines in their systems and on their sites are correctly described, and costly errors can be eliminated.

Merchants can already use APIs to bring accurate prices into their own systems, find trading opportunities faster, grow their sales by offering Liv-ex stock, instruct international shipping instantly, and more.

Today, around a third of trade on Liv-ex involves some sort of automation. Members who sell on Liv-ex using automation sell over twice the volume as other members, at an 8.8% higher price, and without any additional admin or listing costs.

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