The Italian Job: James Miles on Italy’s fine wine market

Last week, Liv-ex’s Chairman and Managing Director, James Miles took part in a podcast organised by wine writer and critic, Paul Caputo of Vinorandum. The podcast itself is called The Italian Job.

In this episode, James Miles discusses the history of Italian wine investment, the influence of critic scores on Italian wine prices, along with the current trends on the secondary market.

The podcast also looks at some of the most in-demand Italian wines on Liv-ex, along with what the future holds for the Italian wine market.

To listen to the podcast, simply press play below. Alternatively, you can listen to the recording on The Italian Job website, here.


Looking for more?

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  • The emergence of Italy’s top wines over recent years and their place in the market
  • The Italian divide: Piedmont vs Tuscany
  • Critical acclaim and pricing
  • The impact of technology on the future of Italian wine

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