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The increased demand for Italian wine

Value of bids and offers for Italian wines on Liv-ex

Market participants have shown increased commitment to the Italian market as demonstrated by growing exposure: the rising value of bids and offers. These are firm commitments to buy or sell a wine on the market.

Back in 2015, the total value of Italian bids and offers stood close to £2m. It now surpasses £5m and is driven largely by active buyers, as demonstrated by the bid line on the chart above. This reflects an increased interest in Italian wines.

Initiatives such as automated trading have contributed to rising exposure as more wines from more places have become readily available to more buyers.

Number of Italian wines traded vs trade share by value

As the chart above shows, the number of individual wines (including vintage) has risen an impressive 1,056% over the past decade. The number of labels trading alone has been doubling every two years.

With more Italian wines on offer, trade by both value and volume has also risen – Italy is now the third most active regional group after Bordeaux and Burgundy. Its share of trade by value has climbed from less than 2% in 2010 to account for 8.5% of the total trade so far this year. This has benefitted wine producers, international merchants and collectors alike.

Looking for more? Read our latest extended report, The fine wines of Italy: past, present and future, which contains detailed analysis on the emergence of Italy’s top wines over recent years and the impact that technology has on their future. 

For Liv-ex members, there are currently a number of live Italy offers. These include wines from Tuscany and Piedmont, but also from Sardinia, Sicily, Lombardy and Puglia. If you are interested, please do take a look at, or email your Account Manager who would be pleased to send you the list in Excel format.