New beta feature: email photos

By December 20, 2018Member updates

Today brings the final enhancement of the Liv-ex beta site ahead of the holiday period. It is now possible to email wine photos direct from the website, making it easy for you to save images for later, forward them on to clients, or share them with your colleagues.

Simply hit ‘Email photos’ next to the offer:

Next, add the the relevant contact details and notes:

Recipients will then receive the following email with the images attached:

This feature is also available on mobile:

Coming soon

The Liv-ex beta website is constantly being developed. Recently, we added the ability to trade specials. Before that, we built a new area for managing your bids and offers, which allows you to bulk renew.

Among other planned features for early next year, a major focus will be to bring you a new wine information page, giving you details about price and trade history.

As ever, we welcome feedback, which you can submit online here.

To use the new beta website, log in by selecting ‘try beta‘ under the sign on option on the home page, or click here.