New features on Liv-ex beta – offer special, search enhancements

By November 22, 2018Member updates

Today, the Liv-ex beta website gained some new and enhanced features. In this round of upgrades, we’ve added the ability for you to offer wines under the Special contact (including Special Now) and improved the search function.

Offer Specials

You can now offer wines under the Special contract using the Liv-ex beta site. Offers can be ‘Special’ for various reasons. It might be due to tax status, condition issue(s), minimum quantity, or delivery time longer or shorter than two weeks.

The screenshots below show how to do this.

Start by selecting ‘Special’ on the order pad:

On the next page, you’ll be asked for additional information about the offer. The highlighted areas below are specific to the Special contract.

To offer wines as Special Now, check the “Available now” box. You will then be given the option to choose specific bottles or cases from your Liv-ex storage account.

Once your offers are live, you can monitor and adjust them using the My Positions page, which went online two months ago. Our short video shows you how to do this.

Search more easily

Enhancements to the search tool make it easier to find the right wine and select multiple vintages.

The search bar now takes multiple words into account. It positions the most likely option – by looking at the most viewed wines – at the top.

You can also select the vintages that you are most interested in. Either:

  • Click on the relevant vintages on the grid, or
  • Click last 10/20/All, or
  • Select one vintage, shift, then select another to choose a range

Another way to do this is to type the vintages next to the wine name in the search bar. You can either list relevant vintages separated by a comma (e.g. “Lafite 2005, 2009, 2010”) or specify a range using a hyphen (e.g. “Lafite 2000-2010”).

Want to try these features out now? Log in to the beta website.

Connect via API

You can also offer wines under the Special contract using API. For further information, contact your Account Manager.

About the new Liv-ex website
The Liv-ex website (beta) is being designed to make trading more convenient for you. We are frequently adding new features. Last month, we made it possible to bid on Specials. Before that, we added the ‘My Positions’ page, which makes it possible for you to manage your bids and offers easily. This included the new ‘bulk renew’ feature for positions close to expiring.

To access the new website, select ‘try beta’ under the sign in option on the home page.

About Special contracts
Around two thirds of offers on Liv-ex are within the Standard in Bond (SIB) contract. These are for wines with no condition issues, held in bond and delivered to Liv-ex within two weeks of the trade taking place.

Other trades take place under a Special contract. Wines may be listed as Special for a variety of reasons. For example, the duty might be paid, there might be a condition issue, or the time frame for delivery might be a little different. Often they are in perfect condition.