Power 100: USA and Burgundy top price performers

Last week, Liv-ex released the tenth edition of the Power 100 – the annual list of the most powerful brands in the fine wine market. The full rankings – calculated using data on price performance, trading performance on Liv-ex, the number of different wines and vintages traded, and average prices – can be found by clicking here.

The table below shows purely the strongest price performers (top 20).


The top two spots are occupied by wines from California, with Scarecrow and Screaming Eagle gaining an average of 19.9% and 15.1% respectively over one year. As November’s Cellar Watch Market report observed, this is part of a wider trend of rising prices for the region.

While California has taken the two highest rankings, much of the table is dominated by Burgundy which occupies half of the 20 positions. This is perhaps unsurprising given the gains made by the Burgundy 150 index: it is the strongest-performing sub-index of the Liv-ex 1000 year to date (+2.1%), and over five years has increased by 39.4%. DRC continues to gain, up 5.7%.

With California and Burgundy featuring prominently, many of the brands with climbing prices are those with low production levels. There is little overlap with brands trading in high volumes: just two of the top price performers also feature within the top 20 traded by volume. These are both from Bordeaux: Pavie and this year’s number one, Mouton Rothschild.

*The wines shown in the table above are those with an overall ranking of between 1-100. Several top price risers did not perform strongly enough in other areas and therefore fell outside of the Power 100.

Click here to view full rankings and methodology.