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Liv-ex membership is for wine professionals only – but there are a number of ways that you can access our world-class, independent price data. Use it to value your portfolio and make smart buying and selling decisions.

Why Liv-ex data?

Liv-ex data is trusted by business and collectors in over 47 countries worldwide and is quoted by authorities like Bloomberg and Reuters as the industry standard.  

With 875m current and historic price points, it’s the most comprehensive database of fine wine prices in the world, containing standardised, transactional data. This means that you can stop relying on advertised prices which may be inaccurate and out of date. 

Keeping you and your customers informed

Ask your merchant for Liv-ex data

Many wine merchants now offer portfolio valuation as a complementary service. Often they can provide fast and accurate valuations for your portfolios using independent data from Liv-ex. Some even offer online portfolio management tools, including price data, free of charge. Just ask your merchant for help. 

Market report cover

Follow the market on Liv-ex Insights

Most analysis from Liv-ex is free for you to read on our blog. We post several times weekly with market trends, interviews and other features such as harvest reports and producer spotlights. It’s free to subscribe to our weekly newsletter for wine market analysis direct to your inbox. 


“Liv-ex is a sort of lie-detector and truth seeker in our profession. The reports are stunning and the platform itself is highly respected.”

Matthew JukesWine writer

Your questions answered

Why is Liv-ex only available to businesses?

Liv-ex membership is exclusively available to businesses. Trading members are considered by a membership committee before being approved to buy or sell on the marketplace.  

Liv-ex has been built for the wine trade. We don’t work with collectors directly because we don’t want to compete against our own customers, wine merchants. 

How can I check if a business is a member of Liv-ex?

Liv-ex membership is anonymous, so we can’t confirm that any business is a member without their approval. You can find the names of some of our 620+ members, and the services that they offer, via case studies and logos on our website. 

Although we do some checks on members before they can trade, we do not act as an industry regulator and do not comment on the ethics of any particular business. Freelance journalist Jim Budd does a good job of monitoring the trade on his blog, Invest Drinks

How can I find a Liv-ex member to help with valuations?

We don’t post a directory of Liv-ex members, but there are some logos and case studies on our website. If you need to check that a merchant is providing valuations with Liv-ex data, you can ask them to give us approval to confirm via email.  They can do so here.

Do you offer one-off valuations?

Yes. We offer one-off valuations which are often required for insurance purposes or to settle legal disputes. Please email us for a bespoke quote. 


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