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What is Special Now?

About Special Now

Special Now is a Liv-ex trading contract that allows you to receive wine into your Liv-ex account instantly.

About Liv-ex contracts

Liv-ex has three main trading contracts: SIB, SEP and Special.

  • SIB – Standard in Bond – contracts guarantee condition, tax status and availability of stock on the market. Stock listed as SIB must arrive in a Liv-ex warehouse within two weeks of a trade.
  • SEP – Standard En Primeur – contracts are for En Primeur stock.
  • All other offers are counted as Special. Wines may be Special for a number of reasons, including delivery time, tax status or condition. Many are in perfect condition.

You can find out more about these trading contracts here.

Special Now

Special Now cases are those that are instantly available to buyers because they are stored in the Liv-ex warehouse. Some are identical to SIB listings except for the delivery time, which is instant. The ownership of the wine is instantly transferred after the trade takes place; the case does not even need to be physically moved.

Wines sold as Special Now must either have an SIB Passport or a recent photo.

Offers are identifiable as Special Now by the note under the wine name:

Why list as Special Now?

With Special Now, your trades are settled automatically, meaning you get paid faster. Listing stock as Special Now offers an additional incentive to buyers who know that the trade can be settled quickly and with added efficiency.

Listings of Special Now appear on the search results of SIB stock (if stock is otherwise meets the requirements of the SIB contract) or Special. This enables you to maximise the exposure of your stock.

To list stock as Special Now, select the “Available Now” box when adding your offer.

Further information

If you have any questions on Special Now, please speak to your Account Manager.


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