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SIB Passport

What does the SIB Passport cover? 

  • Vintage is correct 
  • Colour of the wine, e.g. red or white.
  • Correct quantity of bottles.
  • Original packaging and in good condition .
  • Levels are base-neck or better
  • Capsules are original and undamaged 
  • Labels are clean and undamaged 
  • Bottles do not have strip labels from Asia, USA, or non-European regions as well as non-integrated merchant labels or barcodes. 


Is the SIB Passport a warranty, guarantee or certificate of authenticity? 

No, it is an electronic certificate based on Liv-ex’s well-established risk-based algorithm of rules and criteria for checking wines. The ongoing condition of the wines is assured by Liv-ex’s comprehensive insurance policy provided you remain opted in. 


Does the SIB Passport or any of our services guarantee the wine name is correct? 

No, while we make every effort to ensure that we check everything thoroughly, given the diversity of wines we handle, Liv-ex cannot guarantee that checking the wine name will be free of errors. Should you require a higher level of assurance, please request a photograph so that you can check and validate the contents yourself. 


Can I request an SIB Passport for Duty Paid wine?  

No, an SIB Passport can only be issued for wine that is stored in bond. If you would like to check the condition of Duty Paid stock, we offer a photo service. Find details of our fees here 


How can I be sure of the wine name? 

Our guidelines are as follows: Liv-ex believes requesting photos pre-arrival and checking them yourself is best practice. This is the best chance of identifying a problem as soon as possible, as both parties have checked the stock. This applies to all arrivals into your account. We will always use our best endeavours to inform you of any discrepancies but there needs to be an allowance for human error. Please note our maximum compensation will be in accordance to our UKWA terms in the unlikely event of an error (£2 per 12x75cl). 


What happens in the event a passport is not renewed? 

 On expiration date, the case will lose its SIB passport. You can request a new SIB passport check; the fee includes a high resolution photo. If a case of wine with a valid SIB Passport is sold on Liv-ex, the charge per unit is refunded. The request can be placed directly from the Vine system. 


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