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Selling En Primeur

If you would like to sell En Primeur on Liv-ex, you will need to request a selling limit based on a bank guarantee or insurance bond. This should be provided upfront at your expense.


All En Primeur sold on Liv-ex must be delivered “ soon as the wine is available, and at the very latest by the end of May two years following the initial En Primeur offering.”

Bank guarantee

The guarantee must run until the end of June, two years following the initial release for sale (i.e. for selling En Primeur 2023, the guarantee will need to run until the end of June 2025).

If you wish to sell wine that has previously been subject to a late release, we may require a longer-term on the guarantee.

If you wish to provide a guarantee only at the end of the campaign, due to uncertainty over how much you might sell, we will require a letter from your bank confirming the amount of guarantee they are prepared to offer. In this case, we may also require a margin deposit to cover our market risk.


Where a bank guarantee is in place, payment will be made according to normal terms: Friday after the sale, plus seven days. Otherwise, payment will either be made according to normal terms or upon receipt of the bank guarantee, whichever is later.

Further information

If you would like to discuss selling En Primeur stock or require some draft wording for a bank guarantee, please speak to your Account Manager.

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