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This case study is about a modern European merchant that grew its sales exponentially with Liv-ex automation. 

Before – Little interest in purchasing

This merchant had been a Liv-ex member for several years but rarely purchased wine on the marketplace. They assumed that their customers wouldn’t be interested in the wine that was listed. 

The Solution – Automation

Getting started with automation was relatively straightforward, so they decided to take the plunge despite having some reservations about the relevance of the stock.  

They planned to use automation to offer up to 10,000 products from Liv-ex to their customers via their website. A customer would be able sit their site and secure the stock instantly with a payment. 

They already had a modern stock system in place that enabled them to connect, were already using LWIN, and had in-house developer. This made the process of automating quite simple. 

The Results – Exponential increase in sales

Automation was an overnight success for the merchant, as the chart above shows.  

After giving the power of choice to their customers, they found that buying patterns were much broader than they’d anticipated. The result was exponential sales growth, new customers and rising profits. 

For the merchant, this was a low-investment yet high-output project that continues to reap rewards. 

*This member opted to remain anonymous.

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