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CaveBB is a fine wine merchant based in Zurich, Switzerland. They specialise in buying and selling fine wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy, Barolo, Barbaresco and Tuscany. We caught up with Claudia Schürmann from the CaveBB team to find out what they value most about their Liv-ex membership.


“Hassle-free transactions”

CaveBB frequently uses Liv-ex to source fine wines. Schürmann described the process as “hassle-free” compared to buying wines from other online sources, where stock might not be available despite being advertised.

She noted that when you see a wine on Liv-ex, you can be completely confident that it’s available: “You know that there is an offer and you can bid. You do the deal and that’s it – it only takes a minute.”

Account Manager

“Our Account Manager helps us to find opportunities”

Schürmann also commented on the usefulness of having a dedicated point of contact at Liv-ex: “Our Account Manager sends us offers and it definitely helps. It’s stock that we might otherwise miss, so this helps us to find opportunities.”


“Collections are very convenient”

CaveBB also make use of Liv-ex’s international collection services to help settle their trades. Schürmann called the collections “very convenient and competitively priced”. The low flat-rate services have helped CaveBB to trade internationally – without them, collecting from Switzerland can be very expensive. She added; “Now that collections take place on weekly basis, it makes trading even easier.”

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