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Opus One 2023 releases – 2018, 2019 and Overture 

By September 4, 2023Fine Wine Market, Releases, USA

After a wine harvest impacted by devastating wildfires, many Napa Valley estates are opting not to release a 2020 wine this year. One of those is Opus One, who has opted for a library release of its 2018 and 2019 vintages through La Place de Bordeaux.  

Opus One 2018 was originally released internationally at £2,760 per case with an ex-négociant price of €225 per bottle. It has since enjoyed a significant amount of trading activity on the secondary market, and currently has a Market Price of £3,180 per case.  

Opus One 2018 trades on Liv-ex 

Today, the wine has been re-released on La Place de Bordeaux at €270 per bottle ex-négociant, and is available internationally at £3,300 per case, 19.6% above its original international release price and 3.8% above its current Market Price.  

There are currently six live offers on Opus One 2018 on Liv-ex – considering the wine isn’t in particularly short supply, one may wonder how the introduction of new stock at a slightly higher price may impact its Market Price.  

Opus One 2019 was originally released internationally in September 2022 at a price of £3,024 per dozen. Today, more stock has been released through La Place de Bordeaux at €265 per bottle ex-négociant, and made available internationally at £3,192 per case – slightly under its current Market Price of £3,200 per dozen.  

Opus One 2019 trades on Liv-ex 

Again, the wine has enjoyed a significant amount of trading activity on Liv-ex, especially in the first half of 2023 – perhaps an injection of new stock around the wine’s current Market Price will boost activity in a quiet market.  

Opus One 2023 releases – Fair Value analysis 

As mentioned above, both the 2018 and 2019 vintages of Opus One have been re-released at a price similar to their current Market Price on the secondary market. The chart at the top of this article shows them to offer relative value against some older vintages, considering they both received a score of 98 points from the Wine Advocate.  

Buyers looking for other options may want to consider the 2016 vintage. The wine was also scored 98 points from the Wine Advocate and has a current Market Price of £3,264 per dozen, a slight premium on the 2019 which may be worth it considering the 2016 has three more years in bottle. 

Other releases 

As well as these library releases, Opus One released its second wine Overture on La Place de Bordeaux, a ‘Bordeaux-style’ multi-vintage blend. The wine is being offered internationally for £1,320 per dozen.

Other back vintages of Opus One will be released in the US towards the end of September.  

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