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Opportunities to trade over the holiday period 

Sustained off-peak trading levels 

At the time of writing, the Liv-ex indices are falling, presenting opportunities for buyers and sellers alike. Regardless of which direction the market is moving, there are always active buyers and sellers in the market.  

Liv-ex members can capitalise on such opportunities even during ‘off seasons’. While traditional outlets might close during the holidays, trading on Liv-ex continues 24/7. This offers the opportunity to sell wine from a sun lounger or ski lodge! 

Despite current fluctuations in the market, many buyers are actively seeking opportunities. There are currently £15 million live bids on Liv-ex. In 2022, 2262 distinct wines (LWIN7) traded in the summer months of July, August and September. Now just two weeks into July 2023, 466 distinct wines have traded, leaving plenty of room for more trades. Perhaps surprisingly, trade value and volume actually experienced positive growth from July to August last year, increasing by 19% and 5% month-on-month respectively.  

Liv-ex’s data can help you strategically price your wines and ensure peace of mind while you’re away from your desk. For example, Dom Pérignon 2012 is currently trading below its Market Price at £830 per 6×75, with demand indicated by recent trades at that level. The green line in the graph below shows the best live bids for the wine, while the blue dotted line shows the best live offer on the exchange. You can take advantage of this data to price strategically and capture buyers’ interest.  

Dom Pérignon 2012 trades of Liv-ex 

With Liv-ex’s trading platform, transactions are instant and automatically matched. Firm bids guarantee that once matched, trades are executed promptly, enabling you to maximise your trading volume. 

Before you go away, quickly and efficiently upload your offers to Liv-ex in bulk, using either Your List (for your stock list) or Wine Matcher (for any other list). You can also use these tools to adjust your prices strategically in order to attract a larger pool of buyers and generate more trades. Speak to your Account Manager to find out how to best make use of these tools while staying live over the summer.  

Liv-ex logistics continue to operate 

You can take advantage of special contracts on Liv-ex, allowing you to arrange collection/delivery at a later date when you return from holiday. This flexibility eliminates immediate logistics concerns, providing peace of mind for both you and buyers while you are away this summer. 

Liv-ex Collections remain open throughout the holidays as well. If you are in any of these countries and would like to use Liv-ex Collections, please speak to your Account Manager:  

  • France 
  • Netherlands 
  • Germany 
  • Austria 
  • Switzerland 
  • Belgium 
  • Italy 
  • Denmark 
  • Hong Kong* 

*Settlement rates vary, speak to your broker for more information.  

Our fully operational Belgium warehouse provides significant benefits for both buyers and sellers over our Bordeaux warehouse. Sellers receive payments up to seven days earlier, while buyers can access their purchases up to ten days earlier. Contact your Account Manager to hear more.  

The holidays don’t have to be a quiet period for wine merchants on Liv-ex. By implementing the strategies mentioned above, you can actively engage with buyers, maximise trading volumes, and seize the opportunities that the season presents. Remember, the Liv-ex marketplace never stops, and with the right approach, you can continue to thrive in the holiday season. 

Liv-ex analysis is drawn from the world’s most comprehensive database of fine wine prices. The data reflects the real time activity of Liv-ex’s 620+ merchant members from across the globe. Together they represent the largest pool of liquidity in the world – currently £100m of bids and offers across 16,000 wines.              

Independent data, direct from the market.