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The fine wine market Q1 2022

  • Fine wine has out preformed all major market so far this year, excluding commodities. 
  • Growing opportunities for Dollar buyers as Sterling fluctuates.
  • Burgundy and Champagne in particular have continued their strong 2021 performance in 2022.
  • Louis Roederer, Cristal 2008 was the top traded wine by value this quarter.

Just as the tedium and turmoil of the last two years seemed to be receding, the storm clouds have gathered again to darken the mood in global markets. For now, at least, fine wine seems immune.

As an alternative asset it retains certain advantages over mainstream financials in difficult times, especially as it is both a diminishing asset and one where time invested in holding on to stock is often necessary and generally encouraged. Thus, its volatility is extremely low.

As the chart above shows, the Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 has remained stable over the past quarter. It has outperformed all the major equity markets such as the FTSE100 and Dow Jones.

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