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The 2012 vintage leads Champagne trade this year

  • The 2012 is the leading Champagne vintage traded by value and volume this year. 
  • The recent release of the 2012 Salon has caused an immediate reaction in the market. 
  • Bollinger’s Grande Année 2012 is the top-traded vintage Champagne by volume and value. 

The 2012 Champagnes have been trading well this year and are currently the top-traded Champagne vintage by value in the secondary market. 

Last month, the release of the 2008 vintage Krug caused a spike in demand for both the Krug and other Champagnes from the same year. 

As a well-regarded vintage, there has been strong activity around the 2008s this year with several leading brands enjoying double digit price performances. 

Salon 2012 hits the market

Although not yet released in every market (such as the UK), the recent roll-out of Salon 2012 has likewise caused a steady level of interest and trade. 

It was rated 98+ points by The Wine Advocate’s William Kelley who said it was, ‘after the 2008, the finest Salon produced this millennium’. 

The wine has a Market Price of £11,078 (12×75). The 2008, which Kelley rated 100-points, has a Market Price of £16,800. 

Bollinger’s 2012 Grande Année

Despite the continued interest and activity around the 2008s, it is the 2012s that have been the top-traded Champagne vintage by value and volume this year. 

Leading trade has been Bollinger’s 2012 Grande Année cuvée, which is the most-traded vintage Champagne this year by both volume and value (see chart above). It has a Market Price of £880 (12×75). 

Louis Roederer’s 2012 Cristal Rosé is the second most-traded Champagne by value.  

The best-performing 2012, however, has been the white Cristal, which has enjoyed a price increase of 32.0% this year. 

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