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LIVE Opportunities: Distinct LWINs traded keep on rising

  • The fine wine market continues to broaden.
  • The number of distinct wines traded so far this year is ahead of where it was in 2020.
  • There are almost 20,000 LIVE bids and offers on the Exchange at present.

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LWINs rising

Yesterday, we published a post looking at the rising number of wines traded so far this year. It showed that the number of distinct wines with a vintage (identified as LWIN11s) was rising and that the number of Burgundian and Italian LWIN11s traded in 2021 had already surpassed their 2020 totals.

Several other countries and regions, such as Germany and the Rhône, are also looking comfortably on track to either match or exceed their record 2020 totals.

New records?

As the end of the third quarter approaches, the number of LWIN7s traded stands at almost 4,000 and the number of LWIN11s almost 10,000.

Last year comfortably established a new record for wines traded on the fine wine market, at 4,098 LWIN7s and 10,358 LWIN11s – will 2021 raise the bar even higher?

Broad horizons

The rising number of wines trading shows that the momentum that built up in the latter half of 2020 has not dissipated and that the fine wine market remains a buoyant and diverse trading environment.

There are currently close to 20,000 LIVE bids and offers on your exchange.