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LIVE Opportunities: New scores and names for Sine Qua Non


  • Californian winery Sine Qua Non latest releases were reviewed in the Wine Advocate. 
  • Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW awarded two 100-point scores. 
  • This adds to California’s tally of “perfect” scores garnered so far this year. 

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The Wine Advocate’s editor-in-chief, Lisa Perrotti-Brown MW, recently reviewed the latest releases from the Californian winery Sine Qua Non. 

She tasted 12 wines in total, two from the 2017 vintage, the in-bottle 2018s and recently bottled 2019s. 

They were, she said, “a strong trio of very different vintages,” that demonstrate the “strength of the estate vineyards” and “zero tolerance for mediocrity”. 


The 2018 “Aperta” and 2019 “Disenta I” were both awarded 100-points. The Chardonnay-led Aperta Perrotti-Brown called an “astonishingly complex dry white”, she called the “complexity and vivacity” of the Syrah dominated Disenta I, “simply jaw-dropping”.  

Three of the 2018s: Next of Kin Cumulus Vineyard No 12, Syrah Ziehharmonika and The Third Twin Graciano were all scored 99 and five more wines 98 or 98+. 

A previous Market Update pointed out that California has picked up the most 100-point scores so far this year from various major critics. 

Slow evolution

Perrotti-Brown noted two important changes taking place at the Central Coast winery. The first is that the fruit for the wines is becoming 100% estate sourced from 2020 onwards. 

Just three of the 12 wines she tasted for this review contain fruit purchased elsewhere (from Bien Nacido). 

The second is that the practice of giving each wine a different name every vintage is coming to an end. With so many names becoming registered, Sine Qua Non’s owners have decided to name their wines “Disenta” from 2019 onwards. 

The blend of each wine and label art will continue to change every year, however. 

California and classifications 

Liv-ex recently published its first in-depth report on the wines of California which is available exclusively for members – California: A Golden era for a golden state.

The 2021 Liv-ex Classification is currently being published in instalments. Californian wines feature strongly in the upper tiers of this year’s classification. The 4th tier will be revealed at 1pm today and can be found here. 


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