LIVE opportunities: the Loire and New Zealand are combining for a record 2020

Last week, Rebecca Gibb MW of Vinous posted her inaugural article covering the white wines of New Zealand. Her top scoring wines from the report can be found in the table below – many of which have active markets across a number back vintages. In September of this year, Antonio Galloni announced that Gibb would be the publication’s editor responsible for covering New Zealand and the Loire Valley.

This increased critical coverage seems timely as the wines from those two regions have seen their greatest demand on Liv-ex this year. In 2020, trade for the Loire and New Zealand has increased 123% and 151% over 2019, respectively. Combined, in 2020, the two regions have doubled their distinct wines traded, distinct buyers, volume, value, and number of trades, from 2019.

This said, secondary market trade for both regions is in its infancy. But as more critics, like Gibb, bring eyes to the region, one might well presume that it’s just a matter of time before the regions see traded volumes take off.

There are currently 36 active markets for New Zealand wines and 173 for the Loire – all of which are attached below.

41 LIVE offers – New Zealand

171 LIVE offers – Loire