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Clerc Milon – not clowning around

Clerc Milon

Amid a very lacklustre En Primeur campaign, Clerc Milon 2017 has emerged as one of the few successes. The wine was released at €50.40 per bottle ex-negociant and offered by merchants for £624 per 12×75. As the chart above shows, this made the wine the second cheapest recent vintage available at the time.

Clerc Milon is owned by Mouton Rothschild and has built up a strong following in the far east. While critic scores appear to have little influence on price, age is important. When Clerc Milon Market Prices are plotted against age, shown in the chart below, the trend line shows a strong positive correlation.

An assessment of the 2017’s price in this view suggests that Clerc Milon’s release may have represented an opportunity to buyers. The slightly cheaper 2016 vintage also looked attractive.

Clerc Milon

Those deciding whether to take up their allocations were encouraged by the fact the chateau has made positive returns for En Primeur buyers over the last 11 vintages. The Clerc Milon index – which tracks the price movements of the last ten physical vintages – has also outperformed the wider market over the past three years. The index is up 82% compared to the Bordeaux 500 which is up 33% over the same period.

With the majority of Bordeaux 2017 releases now out, we will be publishing our closing report on this year’s En Primeur campaign at the end of the next week. To be one of the first to receive the report, sign up to receive weekly updates at the bottom of this post.

Clerc Milon

This post has been adapted from a recent Market Report.

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