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Report: Burgundy – The market’s favourite tipple

Liv-ex’s latest in-depth report explores the development of the Burgundy market over the past decade.

A growing worldwide interest in Burgundy’s wines has seen the region’s market share increase from 1% to 12.3% by value since 2010. At the same time the Burgundy 150, which tracks the prices of the most active Burgundy wines in the secondary market, has climbed a staggering 108%.

At several points in recent years, market participants have questioned whether Burgundy prices can keep on rising – yet they continue to climb.

The report contains analysis on:

  • The development of the Burgundy market in the past decade
  • Burgundy prices – what has been rising and where are we now?
  • The drivers behind Burgundy prices
  • Looking ahead, are prices overstretched?

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