Bordeaux 2010: back to black

By November 24, 2017Bordeaux, Regions

The Bordeaux 2010 vintage was famously released at eye wateringly high prices in summer 2011. The average release price of the wines was €250 per bottle ex-negociant*, compared to €225 for 2009, €76 for 2008 and €105 for 2007. This was at the peak of the Bordeaux market, just before prices began a four year slide south. Many wines from the vintage were among the steepest fallers.

Buyers of Bordeaux 2010 may be encouraged to learn that the vintage has now marginally outperformed the market since release. Since the summer of 2011, the Bordeaux 500 index has gained 4.3%; wines from the 2010 vintage are up 5.6% on average.

The performance of the individual wines, however, remains split. The best and worst performing wines from the vintage can be found in the table below.

Those lucky enough to have secured an allocation of Le Pin 2010 will have seen the greatest returns since release. The 100-point wine is up a staggering 94% and currently commands £35,000 per 12×75.

Three other 100-point wines feature in the top ten. Pape Clement is up an impressive 62.6%, now at £1,780 per 12×75. Pontet Canet (+38.6%) and Beausejour Duffau (+33.3%) have also made strong gains.

Two of the 10 worst perfomers are First Growths and five are from Sauternes: each have fallen at least 25% since release.

Lafite Rothschild 2010 has been unable to sustain its high release price and has fallen the most. The wine was released at €790 per bottle ex-negociant on average and £12,000 per 12×75 by merchants. Its current Market Price is £6,900.

*Wines of the Bordeaux 500 Index

**Data correct as of Monday 20th November.

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