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Leoville Las Cases 2016 released

Leoville Las Cases 2016 was released today at €180 per bottle ex-negociant, up 30% on the 2015 release (€138). It is being offered by the international trade at £2,100 per 12×75, an increase of 42% on the 2015 in sterling terms.

The volume of stock being offered has been reduced by 40% on last year and the price of today’s release was somewhat unexpected by the trade. Results of the Liv-ex 2016 En Primeur survey suggested that, on average, members expected the wine to be released at €147.53, up 6.91% on the 2015.

Overall, critics have been positive in their reviews of Leoville Las Cases 2016. It received potential 100-point scores from both Neal Martin (98-100) and James Molesworth (97-100).

James Suckling was also impressed, calling it “a unique Las Cases that harkens back to some of the great classics such as 1985 or 1986”. He added that it is “better than the 2015” and awarded 98-99 points.

Leoville Las Cases 2016

Prices for Leoville Las Cases are 76.4% correlated to Wine Advocate score. Based on today’s release of £2,100 per 12×75, Liv-ex’s ‘fair value’ methodology places the wine below the trendline.

Buyers confident in the quality of the 2016 will find value in this year’s release. However, for some the price might seem robust compared to other great vintages. The 2009, with several years in bottle, is available for just £40 more.

Le Petit Lion De Las Cases was also released today at €36 per bottle ex-negociant, up 25% on the 2015 release (€28.80).

Liv-ex members can see ongoing real-time prices for Leoville Las Cases on Market View.

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