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Parker’s first report

By April 1, 2008Critic Reviews


Robert Parker Jr, without doubt the most important critic in the world when it comes to Bordeaux, has given his first thoughts on the ’07 vintage. Writing on the Mark Squires Bulletin Board hosted on his website, he is a touch more positive about the ’07s than many of his wine writing colleagues and is particularly complementary about the whites    (as was Suckling).

‘The biggest surprise is 2007…lots of mediocre green and vegetal wines, but the top chateaux have made very fruity…very soft, easy to drink and charming wines….the dry whites are superb…sweets promising as well…..of course the prices for 2007 should be low, but I doubt they will be…just too little stock of other vintages in the Bordeaux pipeline…’

He also had a chance to retaste the 2005 vintage and states it is ‘the greatest vintage in my 30 years of closely following Bordeaux’.

‘2005…is out and out fantastic…I have had most of the wines 3-4X…not a worry about the tannins…anywhere…and I think there are enough truly great wines at low levels and less prestigious chateaux to give this vintage huge play…even with all the worrisome economic factors.’

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