Support your customer or business with Liv-ex APIs which accelerate everything from price discovery, through trading and payment. These technical solutions help wine merchants grow – efficiently.

Bevica by TVision

Bevica is an ERP and stock management system powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It’s a cloud-based solution specifically tailored for the drinks industry which manages your finances, supply chain, and private reserves alongside CRM and reporting.

It incorporates off-the-shelf automation with Liv-ex price data. Further Liv-ex capabilities including trading are on the product roadmap.

Integrations available

  • Liv-ex prices (off-the-shelf)
  • Sell wine on Liv-ex (bespoke)

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The Wine Hub, by Wine Owners

The Wine Hub is a business management software for the wine industry that includes all core functions needed by wine merchants, retailers or importers. The Hub features market connectivity, shows Liv-ex current bids and offers against a stock list, manages bids and offers onto the Liv-ex exchange and allows Liv-ex offers to be listed as retailer/ merchant stock.

Integrations available

  • Liv-ex prices (off-the-shelf)
  • Sell wine on Liv-ex (off-the-shelf)
  • List wine from Liv-ex with filtering (off-the-shelf)
  • LWIN matching (off-the-shelf)
  • ABV & commodity codes (off-the-shelf)

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Oeno20, by OenoData

Oeno20 is a commercial management tool for merchants of Bordeaux fine wines. It facilitates decision making via screens summarizing your own, data but also external data including Liv-ex. It offers management of “En Primeur”, from the offer via emailing to special bottling & packing instructions.

Integrations available

  • Liv-ex prices (off-the-shelf)

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Vintner Systems

Vintner Enterprise is a system written specifically for the wine trade. It facilitates various wine specific requirements including customer reserves, broking, investment wines and En Primeur.

Vintner links with Liv-ex Price data, allows LWIN searches and access to the LWIN database. Placing and tracking of offers on Liv-ex will be available imminently.

Integrations available

  • Prices (off-the-shelf)
  • Sell on Liv-ex (off-the-shelf in progress)
  • LWIN (off-the-shelf)

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WineSuite, by FHL

WineSuite is a business management (ERP) system based on Oracle-NetSuite. It is cloud based with prebuilt and configurable functionality for finance, CRM, sales, purchasing, inventory and reporting.

Wine specific modules include: duty and VAT, rotations and bonded warehouses, storage, broking – and a Liv-ex module which allows users to view Liv-ex price data and list stock for sale on Liv-ex.

Integrations available

  • Prices (off-the-shelf)
  • Sell on Liv-ex (off-the-shelf)
  • List wine from Liv-ex (bespoke; off-the-shelf in progress)
  • Other services e.g. LWIN, critic scores (bespoke)

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