Role Status Explanation
BUY In Account – Awaiting payment – pay by DD/MM/YYYY  Inv No. XXXXXX Trade has been invoiced and is waiting to be paid shown on the account
BUY In Account/Received/Released – Awaiting payment – pay by DD/MM/YYYY Inv No. XXXXXX Overdue Trade has been invoiced and is waiting to be paid.

Current LXtrade – wine will be shown as Overdue

BUY Due by DD/MM/YYYY Stock would be delivered by this date
BUY In transit to your default warehouse Stock is en route to one of our warehouses to be invoiced. Current invoice status will show as Proforma
BUY In transit to your default warehouse Inv No. XXXXXX Stock is en route to the final destination. Trade is invoiced and paid
BUY Received in warehouse Stock from the seller has now been received and is processing at the warehouse
BUY/SELL Issue with trade – Please contact [email protected] Issue with the stock received; email the contact shown. Due to the issue, there will be a delay in the trade being invoiced within the normal time schedule hence delayed payment for the seller.
SELL Please deliver on or before DD/MM/YYYY Stock needs to be delivered to us by this time period to ensure no delays
SELL Invoice pending Trade is in the process of being checked in the warehouse and to be queued for invoicing
SELL Received and processing – LX, Tilbury Stock has been received at our warehouse and will be invoiced shortly
SELL Ready for payment DD/MM/YYYY Liv-ex will pay by this date as per the net statement
BUY/SELL Trade completed Trade has been invoiced and paid
BUY EP – Due by MONTH YEAR Inv No. XXXXXX Overdue This is your En Primeur trade, which shows when stock is due from the seller, with reference to invoice number and if it is due for payment/overdue.
SELL EP – Ready for payment Liv-ex will pay the En Primeur if a bank guarantee/cash deposit is provided to cover, or if the physical stock has been received. Please contact [email protected] for any queries
BUY EP – Awaiting payment EP trades are invoiced immediately and should be paid for on our standard payment terms [7 days]
BUY/SELL EP – Processing in warehouse Stock has been received and is in the process of being checked in our warehouse
SELL EP – Please deliver Wine must be delivered as soon as it is available, and at the very latest by the end of May, two years following the initial En Primeur offering
BUY/ SELL EP – Pending invoice Trade is queued for invoicing
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