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Liv-ex Prices

The London International Vintners Exchange is a source of transaction-based, real-time, and historic fine wine market data. Its price data is used by professional fine wine merchants to value wine and inform buying and selling decisions. 

All standard Liv-ex prices are reflective of stock held in bond. This means that they exclude taxes, which vary according to country. 

Market Price 

The Market Price is the best-listed price for a wine in the secondary market. You can find more details on how it is calculated, and how you can use it, here. 


The mid-point between the highest live bid and lowest live offer on the market, validated against additional data including transaction prices. Mid-prices are used to calculate the Liv-ex indices and value the world’s leading fine wine funds. 

Prices given are for 12x75cl trades, or 6x75cl converted to a 12x75cl price. 

Bid Price and Offer Price 

The price at which Liv-ex trading members are currently bidding to buy or offering to sell the wine on the market. 

Last Trade Price 

The transactional price at which each wine was last bought and sold on the global marketplace. 

Auction Price 

The 30-day average price collected from all of the major auction houses. 

Average List Price 

The 30-day mean price for all stock listed by Liv-ex merchants. 

Offex data 

Transaction data gathered from members who provide information on trades conducted through their own sales channels. The data is available on wine charts and is also anonymised and turned into a 30-day-average price. 

*Possible condition issues include but are not limited to: label and/or capsule damage, signs of leakage or pushed out corks, low levels of wine in bottle, non-EU or merchant strip labels, and non-original packaging. 

Ex-Chateau price is the first price for the wine, released by the Chateau to the negociant

Ex-Negociant price is the price that the Negociants sell at, to the international trade

Ex-London price is the price that the international trade (UK in this example) sell at to their private clients. This price is in-bond.

*These prices will evolve over the course of an En Primeur campaign. The prices Liv-ex shows are the first prices reported.

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