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Clicca qui per leggere il caso di studio in italiano is a wine investment business in Italy, launched in 2020 by Emanuele Spagnuolo, a Torino wine merchant with over 15 years’ experience in fine wine. 

Before – Complex and inefficient

While establishing, Emanuele was looking for ways to remove the complexity and inefficiencies surrounding fine wine investment. In addition to individual wines, he wanted to provide to his members packages or bundles of wines to spread their risks. So, he was searching for an easier way to buy, sell, store and value their investments. 

The Solution – Liv-ex: a ‘one-stop shop’

Wines are stored in Bond at Liv-ex’s warehouses (which provides tax advantages for the investor), and quality is assured by Liv-ex Logistics. By closely following the price development in the secondary market, members can decide whether to sell or hold on to wines. All this is possible in large part through Liv-ex services – providing the whole suite of services that underpin This includes: 

  • Accurate pricing data – validated by real trades that happen on the Liv-ex exchange 
  • An integrated logistics service and storage – all wines automatically land in Liv-ex’s bonded warehouse 
  • The world’s most active fine wine market – where you get all the choice and competitive prices 
  • Ability to connect via API – enables scalability and efficiency  

"Without Liv-ex end-to-end offering, it would be incredibly complicated to offer a wine investment package to my clients. Pricing, trade, and storage all in one package; a huge advantage to my fine wine business."

Emanuele SpagnuoloFounder, InvestireinVino

Results – Streamlined and scalable

Accurate pricing, professional storage and logistics and access to over £80m of opportunities on the global marketplace is a far stronger value proposition Emanuele can make to prospective members, allowing him to grow his client base. Receiving pricing data via API saves him ‘a lot of time’ and allows him every week to offer ‘the best wines in terms of quality and liquidity’. While accurate prices allow his investors to ‘understand price trends and to intervene quickly if necessary’. With the knowledge that all other parts of the puzzle are taken care of, Emanuele can concentrate on better serving his rapidly growing number of investors. 

Find out how Liv-ex can help your wine investment business



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