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“Wine Matcher changed my job - overnight. A task that used to take 3 hours now takes 30 minutes.”

Rebecca AdamsSales & Marketing
Also available in French and Chinese


Farthinghoe Fine Wine is a small, but established, family-run wine business in the UK. Accurately pricing cellars for their clients were taking up a lot of their time:

“Life was so painful before Wine Matcher because I would have to research each line individually – vintage by vintage, wine by wine – and it can take hours – especially if there’s over one hundred cases of stock needing to be priced up.”

Before Wine Matcher, Rebecca would spend up to a full day on a 100 lines cellar list.

The Solution - Wine Matcher

Wine Matcher standardises Excel lists and adds price information at a speed of 5,000 lines per minute. After the Liv-ex team demoed it to Farthinghoe, Rebecca was using it for herself within a week; ‘very intuitive’ she said.

“At first, I wasn`t convinced it could be that quick, straightforward and perfect”.

Rebecca AdamsSales & Marketing

The Results - Cellar valuations in minutes

“It has reduced our time drastically”, she says. Rebecca can now price up to four clients’ cellars in the time it used to take her to do one, meaning she spends more time on other revenue-generating activities. The business has benefited in other ways too: clients are reinvesting their proceeds into other stock that they hold. 

Use Wine Matcher for efficient and accurate wine valuations



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