Founded in 2016, Brunswick Fine Wines & Spirits trades wines from all major European regions with a focus on Bordeaux, Burgundy and Piedmont. The business is run by a team of four and is based in Brighton. We spoke to founders Jamie Graham and Carlos De Haan to find out why they joined Liv-ex two years ago.


“It’s a one stop shop.”

For Brunswick, a key benefit of Liv-ex is the ability to manage the whole lifecycle of a trade in one place.

Graham explained: “The ability to access investment-grade wines in one place saves us an enormous amount of time on cash collection and logistics. As a small team, we don’t have a logistics team or a full-time accountant so this is extremely helpful. Liv-ex is a one stop shop.”

De Haan added that all of this is particularly easy because “the service from the team is excellent”. Having a knowledgeable Account Manager, able to spot trading opportunities, and a dedicated logistics contact to ensure that trades happen smoothly is “absolutely essential”.

“The market leader”

A key advantage is that Brunswick also store wine in the Liv-ex warehouse, which they describe as “the market leader”. “We wouldn’t get the same level of service with other bonded warehouses”, says De Haan.

“Transparency and clarity”

According to Graham, “Liv-ex is miles ahead of any other fine wine data source in terms of accuracy and breadth”. They use this data to help inform trading decisions and provide client valuations.

“We’ve built our own systems around LWIN”

Brunswick’s internal systems have been built using LWIN, Liv-ex’s unique identifiers that standardise the names of fine wines. This ensures that all systems and processes exchange information automatically and accurately.

“Complete confidence”

Only fine wine professionals – not private collectors – are permitted to become members of Liv-ex. According to Graham, this means that “Liv-ex is not competition”. He added: “Liv-ex’s commitment to the trade allows us to deal with you in complete confidence”.

“This, the efficient systems and the great customer service are the three main benefits of Liv-ex for us”.

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