Liv-ex (The London International Vintners Exchange) is the global marketplace for the wine trade. From ambitious start-ups to established merchants, we help wine businesses price, buy and sell wine smarter 

Founded in 2000 by two stockbrokers, James Miles and Justin Gibbs, Liv-ex started with a group of 10 founding members in London, and a vision to make fine wine trading more transparent, efficient and safe.  

Since then, membership has grown to almost 500 wine businesses from 40+ countries worldwideOur members get access to the most comprehensive database of real-time transaction prices and receive exclusive market data and insights. They access our online exchange where they see £80m worth of wine trading opportunities and are able to confidently trade anonymously with wine businesses worldwide. Liv-ex guarantees fast and reliable settlement of trades through our payments and global logistics network, which includes best in class storage facilities. Increasingly we offer a family of APIs to our members who are looking to automate and accelerate their businesses.  

Let our team show you the smarter way to price, buy and sell wine. 

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A large part of the wine industry is buying, selling, and logistics. What would happen if that could all be taken care of by a click of a button? That’s what Liv-ex does in a nutshell. Liv-ex is the global marketplace for the wine trade, making wine trading easier than ever with the help of the internet and technology.

Anna AnandEditor in Chief at Beverage Trade Network

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