A global network

With operations across the UK, Europe and Asia, our transport network makes it easy for you to trade with merchants around the world. All services are charged at a flat per unit rate (with no minimum quantity) and are coordinated by our friendly logistics team.

Trading assured

Our settlement and logistics specialists co-ordinate all trades that take place on the market, ensuring that you always receive the wine you buy.

Wines handled expertly

All wine traded on the market passes through our warehouse in London. The warehouse is temperature controlled, highly secure and managed by a team of trained experts.

Storage for fine wine

The Liv-ex warehouse is available for members to store wine. Wine stored in the warehouse can be traded easily on Liv-ex, often without the need to be moved or checked again. Transfer of ownership can be instant.

Always get paid on time

You will always receive payment promptly for your Liv-ex trades because we pay weekly. No more waiting around.

"The standard of warehousing and storage is high and it appears that Liv-ex is still setting the bar for which others may aim."

Independent audit by Venners, specialist stock taking company

The smartest way to price, source and sell wine

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