Some members are automatically offering their stock on Liv-ex, reaching tens of thousands of buyers worldwide. Others are empowering their clients to buy wines via Liv-ex in real time.

Let your customers buy from Liv-ex

Some Liv-ex members are offering stock from Liv-ex direct to their own customers via their websites. These merchants are significantly expanding their offering to include a wide range of high quality wine.

Currently, customers are faced with two options when shopping for wine online. The first is to source from stockists. Their portfolio might be limited, but the availability of the wine is guaranteed and can be secured instantly. The second is to source from a broker, who might have an extensive offering, but the wine is offered subject to availability.

Direct Market Access allows merchants to offer their customers the best of both. Using DMA, merchants can now offer millions of pounds worth of high quality stock to their clients. This includes some of the rarest wines in the world. Unlike long broking lists, all of the wines displayed have guaranteed availability and a specified delivery window.

When a customer purchases the wine, via their merchant’s website, it is committed to them immediately and their merchant can be paid right away.

Merchants with this in place have reported significant increases in their sales. Not only has a large and frequently changing offer list helped to engage their existing customers, but it has helped them to find and build relationships with new ones.

Sell automatically on Liv-ex

With more and more members offering Liv-ex listings direct to their customers, there is a growing number of buyers looking at the market every day. Some members are taking advantage of this by listing their stock on Liv-ex automatically.

DMA enables you to keep your stock list in sync with Liv-ex. Your wines are offered on Liv-ex until they are marked as sold on your stock management system.

This simple solution can help you to reach tens of thousands of buyers from all around the world, 24 hours a day. You can maximise your opportunities to sell while dealing with only one counterparty.

Powered by LWIN

Because LWIN – the Liv-ex Wine Identification Number – sits behind all of this, you can be assured that transactions will be error-free.

Trading standardised

Liv-ex’s trading contracts ensure that you and your customers know exactly what you are buying. You stay in control over which types of stock are offered on your behalf, or which are offered on Liv-ex.

Getting started


✓ Send us your list of product codes
✓ Send us your IP information (if appropriate)
✓ Use stock systems that you already have in place – such as Magento


✓ Send you user credentials
✓ Set up your test environment
✓ Provide you with technical documentation
✓ Match your product codes to LWIN

Further information

  • DMA technical documentation – This is a technical document intended for developers. It explains the technical processes behind DMA in detail.

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