This one-man band wine trading business based in Italy, increased his sales by around 40% in less than a year after joining Liv-ex

Before – Market limitations

A successful, newly-established, small wine business, this merchant had a limited number of customers in his local vicinity. Their interest was limited to a focused set of classic, prestigious labels. His time was stretched thinly between finding these wines at the right price, and managing often problematic logistics for his customers.   

“Whenever I place an offer, I always look at the Liv-ex Market Price and the last trade price”


The Solution

Immediately after joining Liv-ex, he was able to access a wider range of wines and to compare their prices against the market price to spot new trading opportunities, including some rising stars which were perhaps less in demand.  

He uses Liv-ex’s quality and independent data to ensure their prices are always correct. Spotting bids against wines allows for quick and efficient whilst ensuring their prices are fair.  

The broad market allows the merchant to spot trends and offer new and exciting wines. He feels confident holding stock for longer, knowing he can find a market for the wine later using Liv-ex. 

The Results – More customers, higher sales, fewer problems

A wider customer base and more precise understanding of Market Price through Liv-ex means that this merchant has increased sales by around 40% in less than a year after joining Liv-ex. Not only that, but with Liv-ex settling trades on his behalf, he can spend less time sorting our logistics headaches and more time servicing customers and trading wine. 

"Having Liv-ex is like having an extra salesperson and an extra logistics person"

This report was based on a phone interview with the founder, who prefers to remain anonymous.

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