“LWIN truly empowers the unity in our industry."

Lisa TamDirector of Client Operations

Before LWIN

Grand Cru Liquid Assets is a US-based wine brokering firm that specialises in sourcing rare, collectible wines for the high-end market. Inventory, storage, and shipping are major parts of their business. 

Purchasing large collections has shown to be time-intensive, partially due to the lack of a common naming convention for wine. As with most, they found it difficult to catalogue and price wine accurately, particularly with wines from Burgundy, where subtle differences exist between names of appellations that alter the value of each wine significantly (e.g., Meursault and Meursault – Perrieres are very different wines.)

“If we do not accurately identify a wine to determine purchase price or sale price, there may be large financial consequences.”

Mistakes would result in disappointed customers; sellers receiving an offensively low offer, buyers overpaying, or getting a wine different from the one they were expecting.

Grand Cru Liquid Assets wanted a way to create consistency across their inventory system, in a more time-efficient manner.

The Solution

LWIN is the common language for the wine industry. Acting as a unique identifier, it standardises a naming convention for wine and spirits.

At first, they adopted LWIN in parallel with their own numbering system. Using Wine Matcher, our online matching tool, they could relatively easily connect the LWIN Number IDs to the 17,000 wines on their inventory list.

LWIN allows Grand Cru Liquid Assets to get consistent and accurate product names, in a similar configuration to the most well-known wine resources in the industry including pricing resources, ratings, and reviews. LWIN also enriches their product database with additional data, such as ABVs.

The Results

According to Lisa Tam, LWIN also saves them a serious amount of executive time: it allows them to be accurate – without having to do a “ton of research”

“An accurate database is absolutely necessary for confidence, and for mistake-free inventory. Real-time inventory with accurate pricing leads to satisfied customers.”

Grand Cru Liquid Assets sees further potential for LWIN to help them connect with other tools and systems to pull in data to help them do other tasks accurately and in bulk.

As more companies and collectors incorporate a naming convention, the entire wine community will benefit.

"The most exciting aspect of LWIN, for those in the trade, is that we can parse through a lot of data to determine a buy price and a sell price more efficiently, leaving time and energy to enjoy and share more wine."

Lisa also uses Wine Matcher to pull ABVs for their wines.

“If I have ABVs in my database, I can create an international commercial invoice and packing slip empowering the customs agent to verify my shipment with ease and efficiency, which is huge.”

Besides LWIN and Wine Matcher, Grand Cru Liquid Assets also uses the Liv-ex exchange platform to buy and sell wine.

“Liv-ex has a thorough vetting process. They deal with legitimate wine businesses, and as a result, have expanded our audience”

Want standardised and accurate stock lists? Get LWIN



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