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Wine Investment

January 17, 2011

IMF gives the nod to fine wine

A recent report published by IMF economists Serhan Cevik and Tahsin Saadi Sedik investigates the influence of advanced and emerging market economies…

June 21, 2010

FT Wine Investment supplement

The Financial Times published its annual "Buying & Investing in Wine" supplement on Saturday, featuring some interesting reading for collectors and traders…

November 3, 2009

Liv-ex on Fine Wine Investment

Today, Liv-ex Director James Miles will be giving a presentation on the "History and development of the fine wine investment…

June 17, 2009

Fine wine and transparency

The last few months has seen a plethora of transparent pricing initiatives launched by the fine wine trade, helping traders…

January 22, 2009

Decanter on wine investment

Decanter magazine has fully updated its Wine Investment section on Compiled by journalist John Stimpfig, it provides an excellent…