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The market reacts to Wine Spectator’s top wines of 2022

  • Schrader Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Double Diamond 2019 saw its first secondary market trade after being named Wine Spectator’s Wine of the Year.
  • Château Talbot 2019 (4th) and Château de Beaucastel 2019 (6th) set new trading records.
  • Tignanello 2019, Fattoria Le Pupille Toscana Saffredi 2019 and Louis Roederer Cristal 2014 have all met with increased demand.

Wine of the Year reaction

On Friday, Wine Spectator magazine named Schrader Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Double Diamond 2019 its Wine of the Year. The wine, which had not previously been offered on Liv-ex, traded on the secondary market soon after the announcement. It last changed hands at £1,200 per 12×75.

Schrader’s secondary market history goes back to 2018, but so far this year, the brand has accounted for less than 0.3% of total Californian trade. Its Double Diamond 2019 marked the first Schrader trade this month.

New trading records for Château Talbot and Château de Beaucastel 2019

The fourth spot in Wine Spectator’s rankings went to Château Talbot 2019, sparking a flurry of secondary market activity. The wine set a new record earlier today (14th November) when it traded at £580 per 12×75, up 46.8% on its release price.

Wine Spectator’s James Molesworth described the wine as ‘well-built and rather refined for the vintage, with a deep well of red and black currant paste and plum reduction flavors supported by a deeply inlaid iron note, all of which run the length of the wine,’ adding that it was ‘built to cellar’.

At the time of release, the 2019 represented one of the best-value offerings from the producer, being the second cheapest vintage available on the market and one of the highest scored.

Talbot 2019 trades on Liv-ex

Château de Beaucastel 2019, ranked seventh, also enjoyed a record-breaking trade. The wine sold for £1,058 per 12×75, representing a 92.4% increase on its release price.

Molesworth called the 2019 Beaucastel ‘pretty gorgeous, with a remarkably pure display of cassis, cherry puree and plum reduction flavors laced ever so gently with threads of leather, alder and dried garrigue’.

Château de Beaucastel 2019 trades on Liv-ex

Increased demand for the top 10 wines

Other wines in the top 10 also saw increased demand following their inclusion in the rankings.

Tignanello 2019, in the fifth spot, saw multiple trades and last changed hands at £1,324 per 12×75, up 32.4% on its release price. Previous record trades seen in the chart below are for half-bottle and magnum formats.

According to Wine Spectator, ‘Antinori’s Tignanello, a wine that defined an era and a region, continues to be innovative and remain relevant and exciting’.

Tignanello 2019 trades on Liv-ex

The eighth wine in the rankings, Fattoria Le Pupille 2019, experienced trade for large formats, with magnums (150cl), balthazars (1200cl) and melchiors (1800cl) changing hands. Wine Spectator added that the 2019 is ‘the highest-rated Saffredi since the stellar 2004’.

Finally, the tenth spot in the rankings went to one of the most popular wines on Liv-ex this year – Louis Roederer Cristal 2014. Cristal 2014 has been the most-traded wine by volume and the second top-traded by value year-to-date.

The publication wrote that ‘the 2014 shows greater expression than usual on release, and its harmonious marriage of finesse and crystalline structure allows for aging as well as drinking now’.

The wine last traded at £2,710 per 12×75, representing a 12.9% increase on its release price.

Louis Roederer Cristal 2014 trades on Liv-ex

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