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Vega Sicilia Unico market analysis

In August’s Market report, we noted that although the Rest of the World 60 index declined in July, not all its component wines experienced a drop in value.  

Overall, just under half of the 60 wines in the index either held or rose in value in July, with the other half declining, on balance leading to an under-performance of -0.8%.  

Unlike the other estates in the Rest of the World 60 index, none of Vega Sicilia ‘Unico’ wines dropped in value last month. The 2011’s price remained unchanged from June and all other tracked vintages rose. The 2006 was its top riser, up 8.0%.  

Of the ten vintages of Vega Sicilia ‘Unico’ that Liv-ex tracks, six have seen double digit growth year-to-date: the 2002, 2007, 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2010. The 2002 vintage was the top riser, up 39.8% with a current Market Price of £3,708 per 12×75 case.  

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Looking at the chart above, the 2009 and 2006 are the highest-scoring wines. Luis Gutiérrez (Wine Advocate) gave the 2009 98-points, noting that it has ‘Burgundian-like characteristics’ with ‘polished tannins and a soft mouthfeels’.  

The 2009 also has a Market Price of £3,040 per 12×75 case, an 11.8% discount to the other 98-point wine – the 2006.  

The 2005 vintage was scored 96-points by the critic and is currently offered live at £666 per 3×75 (£2,664 per 12×75). The equally-scored 2011 is available for a small premium, with live offers at £2,840 per 12×75.  

Opportunities to trade Spanish wine 

There are currently around 40 LIVE bids and offers on Vega Sicilia wines, and over 300 bids and offers across all Spanish wines on your exchange.  


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