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Liv-ex report – ‘Bordeaux 2021: Another chance to energise the market’

The Bordeaux 2021 En Primeur campaign has begun, with a steady tempo of releases being announced over the last few weeks.

Our annual opening En Primeur report examined the size and potential quality of the vintage using data from Saturnalia, as well as the global market background for Bordeaux ahead of the campaign.

For a time, the report was exclusive to Liv-ex members; now it is free for all.

Some key findings from the report:

  • The 2021 vintage was the coolest and second wettest Bordeaux vintage of the last decade.
  • Market conditions have been very favourable over the past two years, but storm clouds are gathering.
  • Competition from other regions continues to impact Bordeaux’s share of secondary market trade.
  • Producers are making conscious efforts to reverse the trend, but pricing will be the key determinant to the success of the forthcoming campaign.

You can now claim your complimentary copy of the report by filling the form below.