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The regions driving (and hindering) Bordeaux’s price rises

By April 21, 2022Bordeaux, Bronze, Indices

The Bordeaux 500 index has risen 11.5% over the past year. However, compared to the Liv-ex 1000’s other sub-indices, it is the weakest performing region. The Burgundy 150 (43.8%) and Champagne 50 (51.2%) are the clear front-runners, but the Rhone 100 (15.7%) and Italy 100 (17.8%) are also ahead too.

Looking at the sub-indices within the Bordeaux 500 reveals a divided picture. The star of the show is the Sauternes 50, which might come as a surprise to some. The sub-index has historically lagged behind the other Bordeaux 500 sub-indices, but it has found success over the past year thanks to Yquem. Among the Sauternes 50 components, Suduiraut 2017 has seen the biggest price rise, up 30.6%.

With price rises as impressive as these, one might wonder what is holding Bordeaux back? Although all the sub-indices are up over this period, the Right Bank 50 and Right Bank 100 have seen the smallest increases – up 7.6% and 9.7% respectively.

Interestingly, the Second Wines 50 has performed only slightly better – up 10.5%. Historically, this sub-index has been a lead indicator of growing demand from Asia. When looking at a five-year period, the Second Wine 50 is up the most (40.4%).

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Bordeaux 500 sub-indices over one year

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