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Screaming Eagle and the Super Bowl

  • Super Bowl contender the LA Rams and cult Californian winery Screaming Eagle share the same owner.
  • Screaming Eagle’s prices have surged in the past 12 months with most vintages now costing at least £9,000 per 3×75.
  • It is the top-performing Californian wine on the secondary market over the last two years.

Super Bowl LVI, taking place on Sunday 13th February, will see a match-up between the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams. It is a pairing that many pundits would not have predicted, not only before the season but also as it played out.

The Bengals, a young team with a talented quarterback in only his second season, have proved the biggest surprise. They defeated the highly-favoured Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs in the knockout stages and are many neutrals’ favourite for the game, even if the Rams are the bookies’ choice.

Over in LA, the owner of the Rams, Stanley Kroenke, will be hoping his NFL franchise can cap a winning season with a Lombardi Trophy, just as his Napa winery, Screaming Eagle, has seen its secondary market performance surge in the last 12 months (see chart above).

Screaming Eagle’s secondary market success

Screaming Eagle first traded on the secondary market in 2011. From small beginnings its trade value has grown by 27,000% over the past decade.

In the last three years, its trade has continued to climb. Its trade value rose a further 204.7% from 2019 to 2020 and a further 12.8% to the end of 2021. Even at this early stage of 2022 its trade level is already closing in on its 2019 total.

Rising prices

*Screaming Eagle 2010 secondary market performance 

The brand’s growing trade value has been substantially boosted by its rising prices. For example, in 2015 roughly the same volume of Screaming Eagle was traded as in 2021.

The value of that trade in 2015 was roughly half that of last year, however. Screaming Eagle has always been renowned as an expensive label but its prices have not only risen with time they have surged.

In 2013, the 2010 vintage (with its 100-point score from Robert Parker) had a Market Price of around £3,700 (3×75). As of this month, that same wine was being listed for as much as £12,000 (3×75).

There are now very few vintages with a Market Price under £9,000 per three pack. The lead chart shows that the average price of Screaming Eagle has risen 41% between January 2020 and January 2022.

As we outlined in our end of year report, 2021 was a barn-storming year for the world’s leading fine wine labels, Screaming Eagle very much included.

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