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The market dynamics behind Vega Sicilia Único

  • Vega Sicilia Único has accounted for 21.5% of Spain’s total trade by value in 2021.
  • The 2010 and 2006 have been its most traded vintages by value.
  • The 2005 has been the best price performer in 2021.

Spanish ‘first growth’ Vega Sicilia is expected to officially release the 2012 vintage of its Único label in January 2022.
The following article looks at the performance of previous vintages on the secondary market in the past year and where to find value.

Secondary market performance

The market for Spanish wines has broadened considerably in the past few years. The number of different Spanish wines traded on Liv-ex (as measured by LWIN11s) has risen 290.2% in the last five years, with 199 trading so far this year.
Despite increased activity for other Spanish labels, Vega Sicilia Único has accounted for a solid 21.5% of Spain’s total trade by value in 2021.
Its 2010 and 2006 vintages have been the third- and fourth-most traded Spanish wines by value respectively.
Other top traded vintages include the 2004, 2011 and 2009. All of them have risen in value in 2021, with the 2009 being the best-performer, up 11.2%.
The price performance of the top five most traded Único vintages can be seen in the chart below.
Although not among the top-traded vintages, the 2005 has been the best price-performer; up 15.6% in the past year.

*made with the Liv-ex Charting tool.

Finding value in back vintages

Despite the increase, the 2009 still offers relative value for money compared with other vintages. With 98-points from The Wine Advocate, it is the highest-scoring vintage and is available at £2,752 per 12×75.
Meanwhile, the 2008 is the most affordable at £2,600 per case. It also boasts 96-points from The Wine Advocate.

There are currently over 300 LIVE opportunities from Spain – many of them for Vega Sicilia Único.

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