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Record amounts of white Burgundy trading

Trade of white Burgundy has risen to new heights in 2021 amid rising prices for top Chardonnay and an increased diversity of wines on offer.

  • White Burgundy trade has reached new highs this year.  
  • The number of Burgundian white wines trading has risen 1,000% in the last decade. 
  • The UK and US are the main markets for white Burgundy. 

Rising prices and increased activity

In August this year, we reported that prices of high-end Burgundian Chardonnay had risen more than those of Pinot Noir. The white Burgundy index had outperformed both the Burgundy 150 and the red Burgundy index over the past two years.  

In recent years, white Burgundy’s share of total trade for the region has largely maintained its level – just above 20%. There is currently a record amount of Burgundian Chardonnay trading on the secondary market by both value and volume.  

Additionally, more than 1,123 different wines (LWIN11s) have changed hands year-to-date. The number of white Burgundies trading has climbed over 1,000% in the past decade. Demand for white Burgundy has traditionally been UK- and is increasingly US-led. 

The most traded white Burgundies in 2021

Performance of the five most traded white Burgundy wines in over one year

*made with the Liv-ex charting tool 

In 2021, Joseph Drouhin Montrachet Grand Cru Marquis de Laguiche 2018 has been the most traded white Burgundy. Its price has risen 17.8% since the beginning of the year. 

Maison Leroy, Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru, Morgeot 2014 – the second most traded white Burgundy by value – has been the biggest riser of the lot, up 47.6%.  

The prices of the five most traded white Burgundies this year range between £1,200 and £7,200 per dozen. 

There are currently 1,636 live white Burgundy opportunities on the market, with offers starting from £15 per bottle. As prices for Burgundy’s leading names reach new heights, the appetite for its less expensive wines continues to grow.  

For all LIVE white Burgundy opportunities, click here. 

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